Sunday, July 13, 2014

Iceland pictures

Hello! We are alive and well after our trip to Iceland! I promised a few photos- so here they are! We had a lovely time away, and would highly recommend Iceland as a travel destination for anyone who

a) enjoys remote, rugged, and beautiful landscapes (and maybe has a great camera!),
b) doesn't mind getting a wee bit wet, cold and dirty in order to see all there is to see
c) whose dream destination does not depend on shopping or city life! Although some of that is possible in Reykjavik, you'd run out of things to do pretty fast
d) has a little extra cash (it's a bit pricey)
e) likes to travel to English speaking countries (Icelandic is their national language, but everyone (minus perhaps a few of the older generation) is fluent in English!

We rented some trusty wheels... when I planned this part of the trip, I forgot that although I can ride my bike up hills okay here at home, I'd have all my possessions on my back in Iceland! We biked for two days, and camped in between.  

Icelandic horses are smaller in stature than the breeds we have here in Canada. I photo-stalked all the cute animals on our trip! The ponies and the lambs... they could not escape!

The Blue Lagoon! It's a geothermal spa- part fresh and part salt water with blue algae which gives it the beautiful blue colour.

Imagine standing on a mountain with real life puffins all around you! I was in my element:)

There were so many waterfalls in May- all of interior Iceland is glacial (or most of it), so as it gets warmer all the glacier melts and flows towards the sea on all sides.

A nature lover's paradise.

Some iceburgs calving off of a glacier.

One of Iceland's most loved waterfalls- you can actually walk behind it! See the little black figure in the photo? That gives a bit of scale!

Reykjavik from above. Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland with about 200,000 people. There are 300,000 people living in Iceland.
I wonder if those people ever get rock slides?

Hope this finds you well, wherever you are! We had a busy weekend with a graduation bar-b-que, helping with setting up the convention grounds at Duncan, doing a fun ropes course, and enjoying the hot weather! Not just warm- hot! Woot! So yes... I am a sun/heat lover. From that perspective, and that perspective ONLY, Iceland was a little lame.    
Bye for now!